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What is Neuromuscular Houston dentistry

The primary element which sets neuromuscular Houston dentistry apart from traditional Houston dentistry is that neuromuscular Houston dentistry considers the nerves and muscles and the correct positioning of the jaw, whereas traditional Houston dentistry focuses on just the teeth and joints.

The result is a more complete approach which can resolve painful conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorders and provide more comfortable and longer lasting solutions to other dental needs such as dentures and smile makeovers.

Your teeth, joints, muscles, and nerves all work together in the proper alignment and functioning of the jaw. When any part of this equation is overlooked painful conditions such as TMJ and serious dental problems can develop. Neuromuscular Houston dentistry utilizes modern technology to precisely determine the proper positioning of the jaw.

Electromyography measures the electrical activity in the jaw muscles and the jaw-to-skull relationship. This determines muscle tension when the jaw is in motion and in a relaxed position.

Computerized Mandibular Scan
The mandibular scan precisely tracks all of the motions of the jaw and the position of the jaw at rest.

Sonography records all of the sounds of the jaw while it moves. Clicks, pops, scraping, and grinding all are sounds of misalignment (malocclusion).

The most life-changing effect of neuromuscular Houston dentistry is its ability to prevent, diagnose, and treat TMJ/TMD. A misaligned jaw has far reaching ramifications that can present themselves as painful and debilitating symptoms which seem to have no relationship to dental problems. TMJ/TMD symptoms include:

Headaches (often misdiagnosed as migraines)

Shoulder, neck, or back pain

Numbness in arms and fingers

Facial pain

Jaw pain

Clicking or popping jaw

Clenching or grinding teeth

Ringing ears (tinnitus)

Congested ears

In the treatment of TMJ/TMD a neuromuscular Houston dentist will use transcutaneous electrical neuromuscular stimulation (TENS). This treatment acts like a massage, relaxing the muscles, stopping spasms, and relieving pain.

Smile Makeover
A smile makeover addresses all aspects of your smile including your teeth and gums, and should include proper jaw alignment. Neuromuscular Houston dentistry ensures that a smile makeover is complete and achieves not only the optimum functional dental benefits, but the cosmetic benefits as well. When your teeth and jaws work together properly, the muscles are relaxed and the effect can take years off of your appearance. A misaligned bite can lead to future damage, including chipped and broken teeth, quickly diminishing the results of a smile makeover and requiring unnecessary painful and costly dental work.

Traditional Houston dentistry relies on impressions to create dentures. Using impressions alone can lead to subtle imperfections and does not create a precise bite alignment. Neuromuscular Houston dentistry eliminates many of the problems commonly associated with dentures including difficulty chewing and speaking, and can extend the length of time that the dentures will fit properly before they must be replaced.

Neuromuscular Houston dentistry is a more advanced, effective, and complete approach to dental treatment than traditional Houston dentistry. TMJ/TMD treatment can quickly relieve life-long pain. In general Houston dentistry procedures the results are more accurate and long-lasting. When applied to cosmetic Houston dentistry a more beautiful look can be achieved.

For more information about neuromuscular Houston dentistry and the treatment of TMJ and TMD, please visit http://www.leadingHouston