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Tooth Bonding

Tooth Bonding is a cosmetic Houston dentistry procedure whereby the cosmetic Houston dentist applies a mouldable bonding material (that has been color matched) to the surface of your tooth in order to re-shape or hide any imperfections in your tooth.

Apart from the reshaping of teeth tooth bonding is sometimes used as a viable alternative to teeth whitening for those patients who are deemed unsuitable for bleaching such as pregnant mothers, people with dental crowns or veneers or those who have damage to their tooth enamel.

Tooth bonding is also used for repairing chips to the surface of the tooth, tooth fractures and can help in correcting gaps in teeth.

If you are seeking a complete makeover with a majority of your teeth being affected it is unlikely that your cosmetic Houston dentist will consider using tooth bonding but will more likely go down the pre-moulded route and use such things as dental crowns and porcelain veneers.

Tooth bonding is an art and definitely a cosmetic procedure that needs to be performed by an experienced cosmetic Houston dentist and not by your local family Houston dentist. All tooth bonding is sculpted freehand and the color of the bonding materials must be matched and blended in with your tooth so if you want a natural finish you have to use the right cosmetic Houston dentist to do the job.

The level of skill required to perfectly reconstruct a tooth with bonding materials is not something that Houston dentists learn unless they choose to extend their training into the field of cosmetic Houston dentistry. For this reason and this reason alone, if you want to avoid the possibility of being left with an unsightly botched tooth spend a little time in checking out the credentials of the cosmetic Houston dentist you are thinking of using.

The cost of tooth bonding will vary quite considerably depending on the amount of reconstructive work required. However, tooth bonding does come with a cheaper price tag than a lost of other cosmetic Houston dentistry with the bonding of one tooth starting at around $125. If you need work on two or three teeth you could be looking at around $600 and if tooth bonding is used as a means of reducing the gaps in your teeth the cost of the specialist materials and the extra time taken will push the cost up to over $350 per tooth.