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Tooth Bleaching and Its Relation With Tooth Enamel

Having a great appearance is something that everybody wants, specially in this day and age when beauty is so heavily marketed. There are several characteristics which denote beauty in people some of them are: personality, body and a beautiful smile. This last characteristic is perhaps the most important one due to the fact that most people tend to remember the faces of those who they meet instead of their names which is actually very normal.

Taken in consideration of people pay more attention to a face than to a name we must pay special attention to the aesthetics of our teeth, a beautiful smile is unforgettable for all the right reasons and an ugly smile is unforgettable due to the many things that are wrong with it, choosing to how people remembers a face is a choice that needs to be made by each and everyone of us.

Tooth bleaching is a very common process which has been developed in order to improve the appearance of our teeth, this specific procedure falls within the field of cosmetic Houston dentistry. We are all born with a pearly- white teeth however, as time goes by that natural color of our teeth starts to change this is mostly because the mineral structure of the enamel becomes less porous which makes them look stained. Other factors also play a huge role in the color of our teeth for instance, the excessive use of tobacco and drinking certain beverages on a daily basis to discolor the enamel because they increase the amount of material pigments which will adhere to it.

Enamel is perhaps the hardest substance in our body, along with cementum, dental pulp and dentin are the main tissues that our teeth are made of, over 90% of the enamel is made of minerals and its color varies from white, grayish white and a very light yellow tone. The mineral substances which are part of the enamel makes it a semitranslucent for this minerals and don't make it very thick, which is why the color of our teeth is influenced by the layers which are underneath it. The thickest part of the enamel is located at the cusp of the tooth and it becomes very thin at its border.

Tooth bleaching techniques have been developed in order to restore the natural appearance of the enamel which may have been stained by strong beverages and cigarettes, in fact these bleaching techniques are more about restoration than anything else. The enamel is a very important layer of our teeth, one that defines their shape and color, if the enamel is a heavily damaged Houston dentists use what are called veneers which are placed on the surface of our teeth as if they were a special cover, veneers act as a protective layer which will define the shape of our teeth it will protect their natural color.

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