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The Fish Teeth Story - Why Fish Don't Get Cavities - Learn What You Can ...

There's a lot of fish teeth in the oceans, rivers and lakes: more than 100 teeth for every one animal tooth on land, and they never get cavities! Dolphins have 96 teeth and whales have more that 1000. Sharks have several rows of teeth and they eat all day long, never brush, never floss and they never see the shark hygienist for cleanings. And they don't get cavities.

There has never been a single cavity found in the ocean. In fact, on land we find only three types of animals that experience tooth decay: bears, human beings and their domestic pets. And too many of us know how painful cavities can be!

There are two reasons why humans, bears and pets get cavities. First is diet. Bears eat gallons of honey at a time. In over 22 countries humans consume more than 120 pounds of sugar a year-per person. This causes a lot of cavities. Dogs and cats in the wild never get cavities, but when we feed them human food, the can get cavities. In some countries, like China, most people eat such small quantities of sugar that entire cities are cavity free. So, if you never want another cavity, quit consuming sugar. Or live in China.

The second reason fish don't get tooth decay is that the ocean contains a fluoride content of one part per million. Fish teeth are constantly soaking in a fluoride solution. This is why cities around the world adjust the fluoride in their drinking water to that of the ocean. If your drinking water is not fluoridated you can obtain a prescription from your Houston dentist.

Once the teeth have erupted don't forget to get fluoride treatments every six months at the time of your regular cleaning appointments, which will reduce decay, even in adults. Of course always use a fluoride containing tooth paste.

In conclusion, don't tell yourself your family has bad teeth. Instead, know that your family consumes way too much sugar and their teeth are decaying away.

The Houston dentist can fix your teeth, but only you can change the behavior that led to the cavities in the first place. That is, cut back on sugary soft drinks, candy and gum and eat more of what all the other animals that have perfect teeth eat.

Don Henderson, DMD. is a retired Houston dentist with a keen passion for saving teeth because people lose far too many teeth and this can be prevented. This article and other dental related topics can be found on a website promoting clothing, games, toys, stuffed animals and much more as well as lots of free information.

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Don L Henderson - EzineArticles Expert Author