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Sedation Houston dentistry and Child Anxiety

Child Anxiety - Definition, Its Causes And Treatments

A child's manifestation of anxiety can become apparent during a consultation with the doctor when a child appears to be averse or apprehensive about seeing the physician. School Psychiatry Program and MADI Resource Center ( has a site created for and by parents, educators, and clinicians aiming to support children and teens with mental health conditions. This site is to help meet the needs of teens and adolescents with several different disorders including anxiety and panic disorders.

It is well-known that caffeine or other stimulants, can produce anxiety. Physical complaints like abdomen or headaches and dizziness are usually manifested in children with anxiety. Young people may find it too difficult to talk about their anxiety so it is adviseable to pose questions very carefully and diplomatically in order to allow for a more complete picture of their symptoms to surface.

Most anxiety problems can be treated through ongoing interventions provided by a child's doctor and family. These interventions may include psychological counseling and biological interventions or medicines all aimed at helping reduce causes of stress for the young child. Children who suffer from any anxiety disorder benefit when their family or caregivers understand that therapy and medicines may reduce (but may not cure) symptoms.

Sedation Houston dentistry And Dental Phobia

Sedation is ideal for patients, especially children, who show dental phobia or are uneasy in the dental chair.

Sedation Houston dentistry refers to the use of anesthesia during a dental procedure thus making the patient go through the treatment in a sleep-like state. Sedation Houston dentistry is a great alternative when faced with undergoing treatments that need some time to complete or if you are overcome with fear and anxiety of having a Houston dentist appointment.

The phrase sedation Houston dentistry may mean that patients are not conscious but in most cases they are not. Some types of sedation Houston dentistry simply reduce anxiety or put patients in a sleep-like or relaxed state, so that little is felt or remembered from the procedure.

Many people, including children, have the natural fear of the Houston dentist, while others may have had experienced some traumatic events in their past that makes them reluctant to seek treatment.

Sedation Houston dentistry is for patients with a fear of needles or other dental anxiety, as well as individuals who require complicated or difficult treatments and would like to complete their treatments in one single painless session.

What To Look For In A Sedation Houston dentist?

While many Houston dentists administer light to moderate sedation with sedatives or nitrous oxide, some sedation Houston dentistry techniques require Houston dentists to have the kind of expertise that require additional training.

There are various types and degrees of dental sedation; the sedation Houston dentistry technique to be used by your Houston dentist will depend upon the treatment being performed and/or the degree of your dental anxiety. The four types of dental sedation methods used by sedation Houston dentists today are: oral sedative medications, intravenous (IV) sedation, nitrous oxide sedation and general anesthesia.

Contact your sedation Houston dentist to learn more about sedation Houston dentistry as a solution to dental phobia and anxiety. Visit sleepHouston