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Sedation Houston dentistry - A Boon for Those Afraid of the Houston dentist

Sedation Houston dentistry - A Boon for Those Afraid of the Houston dentist

Dental phobia is a phrase used to describe those who are afraid of Houston dentists and dental visits. Due to fear of the Houston dentist, many individuals postpone their dental check ups until it is too late. The reason behind such behavior is the amount of pain that some people expect during a dental procedure. This fear of dental visits may be one of the prime reasons why dental health problems are on the rise.

There is, however, some good news for those who suffer from dental phobia. Enter sedation Houston dentistry, a way to eliminate excess anxiety while visiting the Houston dentist. In sedation Houston dentistry, the patient is sedated to varying degrees depending on the patient's level of anxiety and the dental procedure to be performed. In this way, the patient does not feel the pain or stress while undergoing treatment, thus allowing the Houston dentist to perform his or her task with ease.

One form of sedation Houston dentistry is oral sedation, which requires the patient to ingest an oral sedative prior to his or her dental visit. Another form of sedation Houston dentistry is intravenous sedation, which involves the use of an IV. Nitrous oxide sedation is another sedation Houston dentistry method, this one involving the inhalation of laughing gas to achieve a relaxed state. In some cases, Houston dentists may us general anesthesia to on a patient, which renders the patient completely unconscious.

The above methods are used to achieve varying degrees of sedation ranging from anxiolysis (a light sedation that brings about a state of relaxation) to unconsciousness. Your Houston dentist will determine the best method for you based on your level of anxiety, your dental and medical history, and the amount of dental work required.

About the Author: If dental phobia or a low tolerance to pain has kept you out of the Houston dentist's chair, sedation Houston dentistry may be the solution for you. Various dental sedation methods, including oral sedatives and intravenous sedation, can help you relax during a cosmetic Houston dentistry treatment or regular dental check-up.