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Know More About Cavities

What is cavity?

Cavities are holes that damage the structure of teeth.Cavities are happen due to improper maintenance A cavity is a hole that can grow bigger and deeper over time. Bacteria in mouth are normal thing but some bacteria are harmful. Cavities are also known as tooth decay, are caused by a combination of factors, including not cleaning your teeth properly; frequent snacking and sipping sugary drinks. Decay occurs when plague, the sticky substance that forms on teeth, combines with the sugars and / or starches of the food we eat.

This is a common problem for all age people. They are especially common in children and young adults. But anyone who has teeth can get cavities.

What are the causes of cavity?

When the bacteria digest our food they produce acids which cause teeth to become soft. Basically tooth decay occurs on back teeth. Back teeth are harder to keep clean. Plaque can build up between these back teeth and bacteria can thrive, producing acid that destroys the enamel. If you do not clean your teeth after eating and drinking, plaque builds up.
Cavities have been identified as a bacterial infection caused by specific bacterial

Cavities are classified in to three categories depending on types of decay:-

  • Superficial decay called as coronal.
  • Deeper decay called as coronal.
  • Recurrent decay is decay that forms around existing fillings and crowns.

Who will I know that, I have cavity

  • Pain in teeth particularly after eating/drinking cold or hot.
  • Easily visible holes in teeth.
  • White spots on the teeth that appear first.

How to Prevent cavity?

  • Brush your teeth after eating or drinking
  • Visit Houston dentist regularly.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Consider fluoride treatments
  • Use warm water at the time of brush your teeth.
  • Avoid too hot and cold food/drink.
  • Thoroughly clean all parts of mouth.
  • Limiting sugar in the diet.


All the treatment of cavities depends on how sever situation. Tooth decay is usually treated with a filling.

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