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Healing Adult Cavities, Gum Disease, and Toothache

Causes and Treatments for Adult Gum Disease, Tooth Ache, and Cavities

Let's face it, going to the Houston dentist is not fun. And as I've learned, getting a dental procedure does not solve your problem permanently. Rather it sets you up to have continual mouth problems for perhaps the rest of your life. Houston dentists temporarily treat one problem, that same problem then needs a retreatment 5-40 years later. Each treatment being more severe until false teeth are needed. A few lucky people are immune to tooth problems, and other's do well with one dental treatment and have no need to return to the Houston dentist in their lives. A Houston dentist is really a doctor of dental surgery, someone who cures tooth problems through surgical medical procedures. These procedures to a large degree are irreversible. There is a great need and motivation to heal teeth naturally.

Why Teeth Decay

Tooth decay is caused by a deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in the body needed to build healthy teeth. "Daily, the calcium and phosphate of the enamel is migrating out of the teeth to the bones, heart, brain and other places where it is needed. This is called by Houston dentists demineralization." Re-enamelization (teeth growing back) of enamel requires several factors, including enough minerals such as calcium, phosphate, magnesium, and the variety of enzymes needed to regrow tooth enamel such as adenosine diphophatase. Dr. Weston Price was a Houston dentist who traveled around the world in the 1930's and 1940's studying the diet's of primitive people's isolated from the modern world. Weston Price found that he could eliminate or greatly reduce bad bacteria's in the mouth which fuel the tooth degeneration process through diet. "These data are typical of clinical cases in which dental caries has been reduced apparently to zero, as indicated by both x-ray and instrumental examination."

Tooth decay begins many generations back. "The weakness of calcium deficiency is passed from parent to child. By following the same paternal pattern of 'poor food selection,' each new crop of babies becomes weaker. 'The sins of the parents are passed on to the third and fourth generation.'" The weakness is caused not just by a lack of calcium, but by a lack of fat soluble & water soluble vitamins. "When Dr. Price analyzed the foods used by isolated primitive peoples he found that they provided at least four times the water soluble vitamins, calcium and other minerals, and at least TEN times the fat soluble vitamins from animal foods such as butter, fish eggs, shellfish and organ meats... Many tribes required a period of premarital nutrition, and children were spaced to permit the mother to maintain her full health and strength, thus assuring subsequent offspring of physical excellence." Many primitive groups Dr. Price studied had a tooth cavity rate close to 0. Weston Price also noticed in groups following their traditional diet that decayed teeth either fell out painlessly, or they covered themselves over with a hardened layer of enamel. Weston Price treated many cases of cavities with a success rate of over 90%. At the end of this article is a copy of Dr. Price's tooth decay controlling diet for children. On my website I've scanned an x-ray image showing how Price's tooth decay controlling diet healed a girls teeth which had two cavities per tooth, which full dentures where recommended.

Not eating enough nutrients isn't the only reason why teeth would decay. They also could decay because the body has become too toxic. We unknowingly ingest these toxins daily. The most toxic substances are drugs, white sugar, breakfast cereals, cheap vegetable oils and hydrogenated oils. There is a complete list of toxic elements below. After years of this behavior, combined with smoking cigarettes, too many medications, and lack of exercise, the liver starts to become weak. The liver is the bodies nutrient store house. The toxic accumulations from cellular metabolism, as well as ingested food products inhibit the bodies ability for normal function. It's very likely that there are deeper health problems than simply tooth decay.

Any toothpaste which is pasty contains glycerin. The glycerin takes about 27 washes with water to remove from the tooth's surface. There are many alternative products such as tooth liquids, tooth powders, sea salt and baking soda, organic soap and herbs to clean and treat teeth.

Why Gums Recede

This portion of my article is based entirely on my intuition. Gums recede ultimately for the same reason teeth decay. Lack of nutrients, and too many toxins in the body preventing proper function of the bodies mechanisms. Therefore receding gums is a clear indication that your body is in an active process of degeneration. The cause of these conditions should be addressed immediately through proper body cleansing and proper nutrient intake as described in my web site. For whatever reason, depending on someone's genetics, or structure of their energetic patterns, or the type of toxin and nutrient deficiency, the result in one person could be tooth decay, and in another person, gum disease, and in other people, both.


A toothache means that the there is leak of the boundary between the inner part of the tooth called the pulp where the nerve is located, and the environment of the mouth. I was told that this can be caused by the wearing away of the filaments which bond the tooth into the jaw bone under the gum line. A tooth ache also means that your tooth is likely demineralizing. The outer layer of the tooth has become breached due to a loss of minerals from the surface.

White Sugar, evaporated Cane Juice, Corn Syrup, and Organic Cane Sugar - White Sugar is a skeletonized product, in order to have a long shelf life, all of it's main constituents are removed.

Scientific evidence against sugar has been mounting for decades. As early as 1933 research showed that increased consumption of sugar caused an increase in various disease conditions in school children. Sugar, especially fructose, has been shown to shorten life in numerous animal experiments.. Numerous subsequent studies have positively correlated sugar consumption with heart disease... A survey of medical journals in the 1970s produced findings implicating sugar as a causative factor in kidney disease, liver disease, shortened life span, increased desire for coffee and tobacco, arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Finally sugar consumption was proved by Dr. Melvin Page to leech calcium out of our bones. This is how sugar contributes to tooth decay, it has little to do with sugar resting on the surface of the tooth.

White Flour and Flour products - White flour has had it's vitamin and mineral content removed to do it's high level of rancidity. Freshly ground flour seldom stays good for more than two weeks even when it is refrigerated. To solve this problem, food manufacturer's remove the vitamins and minerals from the flour to prevent it from going rancid. This was done with the selfish motive of profit for the food company, not in harmony with nature's law of balance. "[I]n the production of refined white flour approximately eighty percent or four-fifths of the phosphorous and calcium content are usually removed, together with the vitamins and minerals provided in the embryo or germ. The evidence indicates that a very important factor in the lowering of the reproductive efficiency of womanhood is directly related to the removal of vitamin E in the processing of wheat."

Low cost Vegetable Oils and Hydrogenated Oil - It is important to understand that, of all substances ingested by the body, it is polyunsaturated oils that are rendered most dangerous by food processing, especially unstable omega-3 linolenic acid. In the old days oil was extracted with slow moving stone presses. In large factories seeds are heated to 230 degrees farenheit. The oil is then squeezed out at pressures from 10 to 20 tons per inch. In order to extract oil from the final pulp, chemicals are added such as hexane. The solvent is boiled but up to 100 part per million remain in the oil. The solvent is toxic, and it also bonds to toxic pesticides in the seeds. The high temperature processing causes the weak carbon bonds of the unsaturated fatty acids to break apart, thereby creating dangerous free radicals. And finally BHT and BHA, both suspected of causing cancer and brain damage are added to the oils to replace the lost natural preservatives which where destroyed by the heat processing. Any cheap oil, such as soy, corn, cottonseed, canola, ect. falls under this category. Still want to eat this oil?

Partially hydrogenated margarines and shortening are even worse for you than the highly refined vegetable oils from which they are made because of chemical changes that occur during the hydrogenation process. Man made trans fats are toxins to the body, but unfortunately your digestive system does not recognize them as such. Instead of eliminating them, your body incorporates the trans fats into the cell membranes as though they where naturally occurring fats called cis fats. Your cell actually become partially hydrogenated. This interferes with cellular metabolism because it changes the normal chemical reactions which take place in the cell.

Iodized Salt - Normal table salt is highly refined. Salt is the product of a chemical and high temperature industrial process that removes all the valuable magnesium salts as well as trace minerals naturally occurring in the sea.

Pasteurized Milk & powdered Milk- The milk sold in the supermarket is bad for everybody. The modern milk cow is a mutant cow which produces three to four times as much milk as a standard cow. This mutant cow has been selectively bred from cows who have active pituitary glands, and is then fed an excessively high protein diet. These overactive pituitary glands produce growth hormones, which are present in today's milk supply. While small amounts of hormones in cows milk is okay, excessive pituitary hormones are also associated with tumor formation, and some studies link milk consumption with cancer. The freak pituitary cow is prone to many diseases. She almost always secretes pus into her milk and needs frequent doses of antibiotics. The high protein feed these cows eat is made from soy beans. This is not the cows natural diet, and there is no scientific information as to the quality of the protein in the soy fed milk.

Pasteurizing milk is no guarantee of cleanliness. There was a salmonella outbreak in 1985 in Illinois affecting 14,000 people. Pasteurization destroys the helpful organisms found in raw milk, leaving the finished product devoid of any protective mechanism should undesirable bacteria inadvertently contaminate the supply. Heat alters the milk's amino acids, it promotes rancidity of unsaturated fatty acids and destruction of vitamins. Vitamin C loss exceeds 50%, and other vitamin loss runs as high as 80%. Vitamin B-12 is totally destroyed. Milk comes with enzymes which help the body digest the milk. Pasteurization kills all of these enzymes. After pasteurization synthetic vitamin D-2 may be added which has been linked to heart disease. Because milk is devoid of its enzyme content, it puts an enormous strain on the body's digestive mechanism. In the elderly, and those with milk intolerance or weak digestion, the milk passes through not fully digested and can build up around the tiny villi of the small intestine preventing the absorption of the vital nutrients and promoting the uptake of toxic substances.

Soy Milk, Soy Meat, Soy Protein, Soy Formula and Tofu - Soy protein powder is high in mineral-blocking phytates, thyroid depressing phytoestrogens and potent enzyme inhibitors that depress growth and cause cancer. Phytates are substances that block the absorption of minerals in the body. Soybeans are high in phytates and contain potent enzyme inhibitors that are only deactiviated by fermentation and not by ordinary cooking. These inhibitors can lead to protein assimilation problems in those who consume unfermented soy product frequently. Soy milk often substituted for cow's milk, also has a high phyatate content and can lead to mineral dieficiences. Phytoestrogens found in soy foods, although touted as panaceas for heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis, are potent endocrine disrupters as well as goitrogens - substances that depress thyroid function.

Unsoaked Grains and Nuts, including Cereal, Granola, Peanut Butter, Bread, and Pasta, Cracker's and Cookies - Phosphorus in the bran of whole grains is tied up in a substance called phytic acid. Phytic acid combines with iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc in the intestinal tract, blocking their absorption. Whole grains also contain enzyme inhibitors that can interfere with digestion. Whole grains that have been processed by high heat and pressure to produce puffed wheat, oats, and rice are actually quite toxic and have caused rapid death in test animals. Breakfast cerals can have more adverse effects on blood sugar then refined sugar and white flour because they have been processed at high temperatures and pressures to make their shapes. This process leaves phytic acid intact but destroys phytase, an enzyme that breaks down some of the phytic acid in the digestive tract. Most grains and legume available in supermarkets have been treated numerous times with pesticides and other sprays that inhibit mold and vermin. I used to eat organic breakfast cereal, sometimes made with puffed wheat. These grain cereals did not have pesticides and other harmful chemical additives, as they where organic. However, being organic just meant that my toxic puffed oats where free of other possibly dangerous substances. Good thing I used organic! J

Non-Pasture Fed Meat & Eggs - The meat, milk, and eggs in our supermarkets are highly contaminated and vastly inferior in nutritional quality to those available to our ancestors just a few decades ago. Modern cattle-raising techniques include the use of steroids to make meat more tender and antibiotics that allow cattle to survive in crowded feedlots. Diseased animals routinely pass inspection and find their way into the food supply. Chicken are raised in crowded pens, often under artificial light both night and day and fed on substandard food. Their eggs are inferior in nutritional qualities to those of free-range, properly nourished hens. According to renowned cancer specialist Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, most chicken and nearly half the beef consumed in America today is cancerous and pathogenic. Her research has convinced her that these cancers are transmissible to man.

Healing Tooth Decay

Tooth decay and tooth healing happens through two mechanisms. #1 From within the tooth from a toxic blood supply or a deficient blood supply to the tooth. #2 Defective saliva within the mouth. "I feel perfectly confident that both inside the tooth and outside on the surface new construction is occurring constantly, even if at a slow rate." "Nearly all tooth decay comes from the blood stream, saliva, and the inside of the teeth, not only from the external surface. The teeth deteriorate but it is from the toxic blood stream and the enamel-destroying toxic saliva which is the result of an impure blood stream."

Germs are a secondary factor in tooth decay. So even if the adult's teeth and mouth are totally clean and void of bacteria's, the tooth will still decay. The tooth will still decay because there are not enough minerals in the body, primarily Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus, to create a new tooth surface. This also means if your child has tooth problems, that their overall body is both weak and depleted as the minerals are moving from the teeth to other more important parts.

Proper care of teeth

Brush the your teeth often if possible. Absolutely do not use fluoride or give your child fluoride treatments. While these have some short term temporary benefits, fluoride changes the chemical structure of the tooth making it extra brittle. Fluoride is highly poisonous and most tubes of toothpaste contain a lethal amount of fluoride. It takes about teaspoon of fluoride to kill a 100 lb. person. Dr. Dean Burk was a highly respected chemist who worked for the National Cancer institute. He testified before congress that he believed water fluoridation to have caused about 1/10th of all cancer deaths. That's 61,000 people per year. Instead of toothpaste use tooth powder or tooth herbs or sea salt to brush your child's teeth. Regular tooth paste contains glycerin which coats the teeth with a layer of goop that prevents the teeth from remineralizing. You can also use small amounts of soap on the child's tooth brush to clean their teeth. This should not create any bad taste in the child's mouth. The soap also kills bacteria's. Herbal mouthwashes or herbal gum treatments can be helpful as well provided they are not swallowed.

In conclusion, you can brush your teeth and subject yourself to expensive dental treatments. These are not cures, but simply treatments of the symptoms of nutritional deficiency and an accumulation of toxins. In examining your diet and health habits you will likely find a history of a diet high in the foods which where to be avoided, and low in the foods containing the highest amounts of vitamins. The US RDA (recommended daily allowances) for food are the minimum requirements for survival. Weston Price found that people following primitive diets consume between four and ten times the amount of vitamins than the RDA. Four - Ten times recommended is what is required for a cavity free, healthy child. (Between 30-70% of America falls below the RDA) It is quite possible that most childhood illnesses, in addition to tooth decay, such as colicky babies are caused by nutritional deficiencies.

Take responsibility for your health and eat properly. Rebuilding bones can take up to one year, so don't expect immediate results other than a more fulfilled, happier, smarter and more peaceful state of being. These changes go against the grain of society, and you might be tempted to only follow some. It's much easier to ignore the true causes of illness, than to treat them. It's hard work to make these changes, but it's worth it. Please, do it for your family. I personally decided to not do any dental treatments to my teeth even though x-rays show three cavities. They don't bother me and hopefully they won't get worse and they'll heal up.

Please refer to my web site for more health information. and also the web site of the public health organization formed by Weston Price,
Consider reading Nourishing Traditions By Sally Fallon.

I am praying that you your health.

Ramiel Nagel
Concerned Citizen

Weston Price's Controlling Tooth Decay Diet

4 ounces of tomato juice or orange juice and a teaspoonful of a mixture of equal parts of a very high vitamin, natural cod-liver oil (1/2 tsp), and especially high vitamin butter oil (1/2 tsp) was given at the beginning of the meal. The child received a bowl containing a pint of very rich vegetable and meat stew made largely from bone marrow and fine cuts of tender meat. Plenty of yellow carrots in where in this soup. Cooked fruit with very little sweetening and rolls made from freshly ground whole wheat and spread with high vitamin butter. The wheat for the rolls where ground fresh every day in a motor driven coffee mill. Each child was given also 2 glasses of fresh whole milk. The menu was varied from day to day by substituting the meat stew for fish chowder or organs of animals. This one meal contained an entire days supply of Calcium, and double the normal supply of phosphorus.

Foods that remove minerals from body and cause tooth decay and general depletion.
Almost every kind of sugar, even organic, especially fruit juices
Bread, wheat, cookies, crackers, cereals, grains, nuts, seeds, pasta's
Peanut Butter
Any processed baby food
Soy or soy formula
Pasteurized milk
Dried Fruit
Iodized salt - cheap processed salt.
Non-organic animal products such as eggs, meat, chicken ect.

Foods that heal teeth:
High Vitamin Butter Oil
High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil
Eat blended greens or softly cooked vegetables regularly
Key Vegetables for soup:
Kales (and lots of dark greens), Zucchini, Celery, Green Beans, Potatoes
Add copious amounts of seaweed when the broth is done and the soup is cooler.
Never discard the vegetable liquid, it contains numerous vitamins.
Raw Grass Fed Butter
Organic and raw yogurt, and kefir
Raw Grass fed Goat and Cow Milk.
Cod Liver Oil (must be taken with the raw butter)
Lacto-Fermented Foods and Beverages to enhance digestion and assimilation
Finely mashed up proteins from - Eggs, Fish, Organ Meets, or other meets (grass fed only please!)
Bone broth such as fish or chicken soup broth
Fresh or cooked fruits
Soaked, and sprouted nuts finely ground
Really Raw Honey (may be okay)
Sprouted/ fermented grains,
There are many herbs that can be cautiously used to provide minerals to the teeth,
These include Horsetail, lemon grass, red raspberry leaf, nettle's, lemon balm.

I am just like you. I am a normal human with regular problems. I've focused my energy on increasing my inner wisdom as I have been trying to find my real purpose in life. By chance, I started investigating personal health. To my shock and disbelief, I've learned that I was holding many mistaken beliefs about health. Previously I knew something was wrong with our healthcare system, because it didn't help me heal my problems. Yet I could not put my finger on what it was, or what a good alternative solutions is.
Please visit my public service health web site, which I made for people who want to take action to improve their health.
Cure Tooth Decay - Your teeth were not designed to decay!