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Green Glue Applied With Drywall Between Joist and Stud Cavities For ...

There are many methods for applying Green Glue effectively; in this article I will describe one common but often times over looked Green Glue application. If you are renovating or completely remodeling you house and have stripped the walls and ceilings down to the bare wood studs and joists, there is a soundproofing method that that can be employed while the walls and ceilings are in this open state.

While these cavities are opened up it is a great idea to cut pieces of drywall that will fit into these joist and stud cavities and then apply Green Glue to the backs of these pieces of drywall and then screw them tightly into the cavities. If you are soundproofing a ceiling, the Green Glue laden drywall will screw directly to the bottom of the sub floor above. If you are adding drywall and green glue to wall (stud cavities) then you will need to be careful as the screws that screw in the Green Glued drywall will only be able to be screwed into the existing drywall on the backside of the wall. Generally folks who are soundproofing their home with Green Glue find that they need only apply the green glue between 2 layers of drywall on either side of the wall and that will be plenty of soundproofing, but in a ceiling situation where you are trying to stop both impact noise as well as airborne sounds from above, you want as much protection as you can get.

Now if you are able to add 2 layer of drywall with Green Glue in between the joist cavities you will be adding greatly to your soundproofing endeavor. Once you have completely lined the cavities with the drywall and Green Glue, you can then install common fiberglass insulation into the remained of the open joist cavity space. Place the insulation into the cavities loosely so that it will help to absorb the noise but will not transmit sound as it could if it were packed tightly into the cavities, this goes for stud cavities as well.

Once you have completed this part of your soundproofing project, you simply need to install 2 more layers of 5/8" drywall to the joists with a minimum of 2 tubes of Green Glue applied to each 4' X 8' layer of drywall that you put up. Three tubes of Green Glue per sheet of 4' X 8' drywall would be better, but as I always say, 4 tubes is a waste of money. Always put your soundproofing dollars where they can do the most good and never spend more than you need to in order to soundproof.

Well I sincerely hope this article has shed some light on some of the other uses of Green Glue as you are building or remodeling your home, office or industrial area. Thanks for reading and learning, this is Dr. Bob...Out!

Dr. Bob is the Senior Technical Advisor at Soundproofing America Inc, the leading authority in Soundproofing and Acoustical treatment technology.

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