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Facts About Cosmetic Houston dentistry Procedures

Cosmetic Houston dentistry is a specialty within the field of General Houston dentistry, the number one focus of cosmetic Houston dentistry is to improve the overall cosmetic condition of a person's teeth structure, in order to accomplish this goal a cosmetic Houston dentist next to resort to several treatments which may involve the use of sister specialties within the field of Houston dentistry, that is orthodontics, endodontics and such.

Houston dentist in charge to cosmetically enhance the looks of your smile will never jeopardize your oral health in order to make your teeth look good for instance, dental veneers are special shells which are custom-made in order to create a more visually appealing shape of the teeth which can be seen when your smile.

Some people may interpret the purpose of Veneers as a way to cover up an existing problem, to a certain extent this statement might be true because Veneers will indeed cover a discolored tooth. However, a Houston dentist will never place a veneer over a tooth which is about to fall off or that is to seriously damaged, in those cases the cosmetic Houston dentist will refer you to a specialist who will be able to take care of the most basic problems and prepare the foundation for a successful cosmetic procedure.

If a person suffers from malocclusion which is basically a problem with the bite being misaligned or somewhat deformed and orthodontist would recommend a procedure which may involve the use of braces for an extended period of time in order to correct the position your teeth are in, once they have been corrected it will be much easier for a cosmetic Houston dentist to get the most out of Veneers, this cosmetic shells would definitely not look good if they are placed on crowded teeth, this means that everything needs to be neatly aligned in order to realize good results.

If you're tooth structure is good enough but the tooth is discolored a Houston dentist will most likely try to steer you towards getting a different kind of dental veneers such as lumineers which are much thinner than the traditional linear and do not require for a layer of the tooth to be removed. So, as you can see a successful cosmetic Houston dentistry procedure cannot be expected if there are basic problems which need to be treated first, a good cosmetic Houston dentistry procedure not only delivers a good-looking smile but it also delivers healthy teeth.

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