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Cosmetic Houston dentistry Benefits

If you've never considered cosmetic Houston dentistry before, you may want to think about all the benefits this type of Houston dentistry may be able to give you. Cosmetic Houston dentistry has helped many people feel better about themselves and their smiles.

What Can Cosmetic Houston dentistry Do for You?

Some people are afraid to smile too widely. Tooth defects such as discoloration, crookedness, misalignment, gaps, and chips cause them to hide their smiles in embarrassment, which also hides their personality.

Rather than hiding, why not talk to a cosmetic Houston dentist to see how he or she could improve your smile? Cosmetic Houston dentistry procedures can transform an embarrassing smile into one that you’re proud to show off to everyone, including cameras.

Cosmetic Houston dentistry Procedures

Tooth whitening – If your teeth are discolored and unappealing to others, consider having them whitened. There are laser-whitening procedures available through cosmetic Houston dentists, which will give you a bright, white smile in about an hour. Or you can do it at home at your leisure, with a custom-made tray and professional-strength whitening gel from your cosmetic Houston dentist.

Dental bonding – Worn, small teeth can be built into attractive, natural looking teeth that match the size of their neighbors.

Porcelain veneers – If your smile has small gaps in it, your cosmetic Houston dentist can affix very natural-looking veneers, sized and shaped so as to close that gap.

Dental implants – If you have any teeth missing altogether, an implant with a porcelain crown can fill that space so that nobody will be able to tell the crown from the natural teeth.

Invisalign – If your teeth are misaligned and crowded, you could be a candidate for the clear aligners known as Invisalign, which allow you to avoid wearing braces. Just swap out your current set of aligners every two weeks for the next set, and visit your cosmetic Houston dentist periodically for checks on your progress.

White fillings – If you have any old metal fillings, they can be replaced with pearly white porcelain fillings, so that nobody will know you ever had any fillings done at all.

After Your Procedures

After your cosmetic Houston dentistry procedures, you’ll find that you no longer feel like hiding your smile. You’ll feel more relaxed when going out with friends and meeting new people and more confident at work.

Once you have the smile you’ve always dreamed of, you’ll be glad to show it to others. A smile, more than anything else, helps people see you as friendly, approachable, and appealing. You’ll look better in photographs and your face will look more balanced and attractive.

Look into cosmetic Houston dentistry if you’re interested in improving your appearance and confidence. There are many procedures that can improve your smile and the way you look.

Joseph J. Henry, DDS, in Orange, California has experience with all the above procedures. He can give you a complete smile makeover, custom-designed to enhance your entire face and personality. His website at has Before and After photographs of his actual patients, with their quoted statements about what was done by Dr. Henry, and how they feel about it. A few minutes spent looking at these might inspire and encourage you to break out of your smile-hiding habit!