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Britesmile Tooth Whitening

Whitening Options

Yellow teeth are the result of a lifestyle involving tea, soda, coffee, and other everyday products. To help with this common dental problem, bleaches, pastes, and whitening strips have flooded into stores. However, some over-the-counter treatments may damage your teeth and only show minimal results. Some whitening toothpastes remove stains through abrasion. This can be harmful to tooth enamel and may not change the actual color of the teeth beyond a superficial level.

Because the demand for safe, effective tooth whitening is so high, Houston dentists now offer alternative tooth whitening treatments such as BriteSmile in a safe, relaxing and professional environment.

The Minds Behind BriteSmile

BriteSmile co-founder Dr. Warner is a former NASA scientist who worked with the Hubble Space Telescope development program. He also helped to develop Lasik technology. Dr. Warner was also very involved in the light-activation element of BrightSmile’s whitening treatment.

Co-founder R. Eric Montgomery is president and founder of OraCeutical LLC, a dental-product development organization. He is also president of a research and development firm called Applied Dental Sciences, Inc. He currently holds 65 US and foreign patents.


· BriteSmile is clinically proven to whiten teeth safely. The Journal of the American Dental Association confirms that the treatment whitens teeth in a healthy fashion.
· Britesmile is a professional treatment. BriteSmile offers the security of a treatment that Houston dentists stand behind.
· BriteSmile relies on the proven ingredient hydrogen peroxide in a low concentration. During the treatment, a whitening gel is applied to your teeth, then activated by a soft blue light. BrightSmile treatments and products maintain a pH level that does not harm the enamel of the teeth.
· BriteSmile guarantees smooth even whiteness, which many treatments cannot promise.
· The results of BriteSmile last for years, unlike many treatments that need frequent repetition.
· The treatment resembles a spa experience more than a day at the Houston dentist’s office. Many Houston dentists provide a choice of television or music to entertain you during treatment. Some Houston dentists even offer massage therapy for an additional soothing effect.
· BriteSmile results in up to fourteen shades of difference from an hour-long treatment. The combination of light treatment and a 15% hydrogen peroxide solution whitened teeth better than hydrogen peroxide alone.
· BriteSmile offers a refund if either you or your Houston dentist feels that your teeth have not whitened significantly after one treatment.


BriteSmile offers a line of safe and effective products to reinforce its whitening treatment. These include:

· A whitening pen that brightens teeth after a 30-second application
· A BriteSmile maintenance kit that offers three different levels of peroxide potency
· A toothpaste that whitens without damaging enamel and that protects against future stains
· A mild, alcohol-free mouthwash that freshens breath without using pigments that stain teeth
· A mint-flavored sugar-free gum

BrightSmile’s products and treatments are available only from cosmetic Houston dentists who can answer all your questions about BriteSmile’s quality and safety.

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If you would like to learn more about the variety of tooth-whitening options available at your cosmetic Houston dentist's office, please contact Dr. Kevin Sands at his Beverly Hills, California dental practice, serving patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Orange County, California.

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